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No matter which state you reside in or which state the incident occurred in, the laws in place will not allow a BWI case to be taken lightly, and you cannot afford to do so, either.

Working closely with a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you to properly go up against the charges that the state has brought against you.

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If you need legal assistance for your DUI case, please consult with a local professional Drunk Driving DUI Attorney to discuss your case.

Latest news on DUI legal issues, Drunk Driving cases and Law

Stephen Slevin gets $15.5M for Drunken Driving Incarceration - Dona Ana County in New Mexico has agreed to a $15.5 million settlement in a historic civil rights lawsuit filed over the two year solitary confinement of Stephen Slevin, 59, who was arrested for drunken driving and never taken to court.

Fresno Basketball Coach Looking for Plea Deal in Drunken Driving Death Case - Loren LeBeau, a former high school basketball coach in Fresno, CA, is looking to settle a criminal drunken driving case if the prosecution will agree to a plea deal.

Bar in Columbia, SC Agrees to $975K Drunk Driving Case Settlement - Jake's Bar & Grill in Five Points, Columbia, SC has agreed to a $975,000 settlement in a drunk driving case where the bar was named as a co-defendant along with the intoxicated driver.

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A drunk driving or impaired driving charge can permanently affect anyone's life and all aspects of it, such as their personal life, career, and future. Annually, over a hundred thousand people are charged with a drunk driving offense as drunk driving laws have become more strict due to the alarming increase in impaired driving statistics and the accidents that are caused by impaired drivers.

The maximum limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) has also decreased throughout the years from 0.10 to 0.08 as a standard, and some states even implement a lower standard, particularly for drivers that are underage or drivers that operate large commercial vehicles.

Since DUI laws are often strict and carry severe penalties and punishments for offenders, even those being charged with a DUI for the first time can find themselves doing jail time. In addition to jail time, those found guilty of a DUI may also be forced to pay thousands of dollars in various fees and be required to use ignition-interlock devices in their cars.

If you are facing potential DUI charges, it is extremely important to have a lawyer on your side that will work hard to fight and reduce or eliminate these penalties.

Below is an example of one state NY DUI law issueseach state has its own state dui laws and levels- these laws can change at any time please check your NY DUI lawyer for the reliable most up to date DUI law issues:

The following laws govern the operation of any motor vehicle or watercraft under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and/or controlled substances in the state of New York.

Blood Alcohol Limit
In the state of New York, the blood alcohol legal limit is 0.08 percent. A driver that is operating a vehicle at or above this level may be arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated.

Aggravated Blood Alcohol Limit
In the state of New York, the aggravated blood alcohol legal limit is 0.18 percent. A driver that is operating a vehicle at or above this level may be subjected to much more harsh penalties than a traditional DUI, DWI, or OUI charge.

Underage DWI Law in New York
According to laws enforced by New York statutes, the blood alcohol limit for underage drivers (under the age of 21) is 0.02 percent.

Implied Consent Laws
Refusing to obey a police officer's request to participate in a sobriety test can result in a variety of consequences in New York, including driver's license suspension or revocation.

Check our local DUI lawyers to see what DUI Drunk driving laws are active in your state.

If you need legal assistance for your DUI Drunk Driving Attorney case, please consult with a local professional Drunk Driving DUI Attorney to discuss your case.

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Drunk Driving FAQs

Q: Can I turn down a breath test?

A: This depends on your state, however, refusing a breath test could potentially be used as evidence against you in a DUI case.

Q: Are Breathalyzer test results always correct?

A: Certain courts permit the defendant in a DUI claim to dispute the scientific precision of Breathalyzer tests in general, whereas others may allow disputes based on the specific situation surrounding a test, such as improperly calibrated equipment or inexperienced officers. If the test results are unacceptable or can be disputed, the drunk driving case will likely have to be confirmed based on other facts, such as field-sobriety test results and eyewitness testimony.

Q: What if I lose my driving privileges and continue to drive anyway?

If a motorist whose driver's license has been suspended or revoked as a result of drunk driving and decides to drive without a valid driver's license and is pulled over, that individual stands to face more severe penalties, including potential fines, jail time, or seizure of his or her car and/or extension of the driver's license suspension/revocation.

Q: What are the consequences for a DUI conviction?

A: DUI convictions carry severe consequences that differ by state. Punishment can include losing your license, ignition interlock systems, required driving school, probation, court-ordered counseling, and even jail time. The penalties are much more harsh if this is not your first conviction. For the best outcome possible in your case, it is essential to have a lawyer by your side.