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Hot Bankruptcy Topics

Read the latest Bankruptcy topics below that may affect you. A local Bankruptcy Lawyer from our site search is ready to help. Get debt solutions today from our Bankruptcy Lawyer search!

Chapter Seven Bankruptcy
It cancels your debts, but you might have to let the bankruptcy court sell some of your property.

Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy
Permits reorganization of a corporation under the bankruptcy laws of the United States.

Chapter Thirteen Bankruptcy
Allows a debtor to keep property and pay debts over time, usually three to five years.

Credit Repair
People with bad credit can improve their credit standing by being regular in their credit transactions in the future.

Debt Relief
Partial or total forgiveness of debt, or the slowing or stopping of debt growth, owed by individuals or corporations.

Filing for Bankruptcy

New Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy FAQ

What exactly is bankruptcy? Will it wipe out all my debts?
A proceeding in a federal court in which an insolvent debtor's assets are liquidated and the debtor is relieved of further liability. Read More

What is the difference between secured and unsecured debt?
Secured debt are obligations protected by collateral or real property. Read More

Who can file bankruptcy?
Any person or business can file for bankruptcy. There is no minimum amount of debt required. Read More

How often can you file?
You can file bankruptcy as many times as you wish, but your debts can only be discharged every 8 years. Read More

What is a joint petition?
A joint petition is the filing of a single petition by an individual and the individual's spouse. Read More

What can I keep if I file bankruptcy?
It varies from state to state, and will also depend on how long someone has lived in the state that their bankruptcy case was filed in. Read More

Bankruptcy Topics: Chapter 11

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Find a Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy Lawyer TodayBankruptcy lawyers specializes in federal and state bankruptcy laws and provide advice with Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, credit repair, debt collection or debt settlement. A bankruptcy attorney has multiple responsibilities and duties, including initial consultation, where they review your financial situation, handling your creditors, preparing and filing your bankruptcy petition. Bankruptcy law firms also prepare you for 341 meeting of the creditors, negotiating and reviewing reaffirmation agreements and motions, and appearing in confirmation hearings.

If you need legal assistance to file for Bankruptcy, please consult with a local professional Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss your case.

Trending Bankruptcy Regions
Top Trending Bankruptcy States:
New York
North Carolina
New Jersey

Top Trending Bankruptcy Cities
New York
Los Angeles
San Antonio
San Diego
San Jose

Bankruptcy fraud is a crime. While difficult to generalize across jurisdictions, common criminal acts under bankruptcy statutes typically involve concealment of assets, concealment or destruction of documents, conflicts of interest, fraudulent claims, false statements or declarations, and fee fixing or redistribution arrangements. Falsifications on bankruptcy forms often constitute perjury.

Multiple filings are not in and of themselves criminal, but they may violate provisions of bankruptcy law. In the U.S., bankruptcy fraud statutes are particularly focused on the mental state of particular actions. Bankruptcy fraud should be distinguished from strategic bankruptcy, which is not a criminal act, but may work against the filer. All assets must be disclosed in bankruptcy schedules whether or not the debtor believes the asset has a net value. This is because once a bankruptcy petition is filed, it is for the creditors, not the debtor to decide whether a particular asset has value.

The future ramifications of omitting assets from schedules can be quite serious for the offending debtor. A closed bankruptcy may be reopened by motion of a creditor or the U.S. trustee if a debtor attempts to later assert ownership of such an "unscheduled asset" after being discharged of all debt in the bankruptcy. The trustee may then seize the asset and liquidate it for the benefit of the (formerly discharged) creditors. Whether or not a concealment of such an asset should also be considered for prosecution as fraud and/or perjury would then be at the discretion of the judge and/or U.S. Trustee.

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Did you Know?

Exceptions to bankruptcy
It's very important to consider bankruptcy exceptions when you are filing for bankruptcy, you must understand exactly what the term means.
 Read More

Can bankruptcy stop a foreclosure?
Foreclosure, in simplest terms, is the process by which the bank or mortgage company that has a lien on a piece of real property takes that property back.
 Read More

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge
The primary purpose of bankruptcy court is to discharge certain debts to give a debtor a fresh start. A bankruptcy discharge releases the debtor from personal liability for certain specified types of debts.
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Bankruptcy News

Chrysler to file for bankruptcy after talks fail
General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Monday as part of the Obama administration's plan to shrink the automaker to a sustainable size. Read More

Gambling ship now in bankruptcy
Twice a day for much of the past five years, the SS Horizon's Edge boarded hundreds of people, shoved off from its pier in Lynn Harbor, and motored 3 miles into the Atlantic.
Read More

Riverside Real Estate files for bankruptcy
The company’s assets and liabilities are estimated at between $1 million and $10 million. Read More