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Business FAQ

Q: What is the difference between an S-Corporation and a C-Corporation?

A: Generally, corporations start off as C-Corporations before the business owner has the option to change to an S-Corporation. The difference between the two involves taxes, and can be discussed in greater detail with a qualified business law attorney.

Q: What is the “alter-ego” or “piercing the corporate veil” theory?

A: In certain situations, courts have permitted plaintiffs to pursue the possessions of the company’s owners to fulfill a judgment against the business. This defeats the personal liability defense that business owners naturally take advantage of when the business has met its legal requirements. Some situations in which the courts may permit the plaintiff to “pierce” the defendant’s “corporate veil” include, fraud or intermingling of a business owner’s and company funds, failure to meet legal business regulations, acts in which the business can be no longer be looked as a another entity but is instead acting as the owner’s “alter ego,” and in some cases, undercapitalization.

Q: What is a registered agent?

A: Almost all states enforce the law that corporate organizations have a registered agent in the state in which they conduct business. This agent must be a physical address and presence that is available during typical business hours. No P.O. boxes are permitted to serve as a registered agent.  

Bankruptcy Law

Business Law Overview

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Our business and intellectual property law attorneys focus on meeting the needs of new and emerging companies as well as established entrepreneurial businesses. Our attorneys provide practical company solutions to the various legal issues faced by businesses in today’s fast-paced corporate world.

Do you need more information regarding business and intellectual property law? Our attorneys can help! Contact a local business lawyer today for more information.

The laws that surround intellectual property and businesses can be somewhat overwhelming and mindboggling. Many business owners may feel stressed out when attempting to research or resolve an issue. For inquiries and answers to many commonly asked questions, including a more detailed explanation of various current legal hot topics regarding business and intellectual property law, it is vital to speak with one of our experienced business lawyers to discuss your needs and to help you resolve whatever business issue you may be facing.

Our lawyers are experienced with and can offer their legal services with various aspects of business and intellectual property law, including but not limited to:

  • Business Licensing
  • Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Registration
  • Construction
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Intellectual property
  • Business formation
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Stock plans
  • Business organization
  • Licensing agreements
  • LLC agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Consulting
  • Purchases
  • Internet Law
  • Taxation
  • Contracts

Our attorneys offer more than just legal services—they are experienced with advising successful companies nationwide with an array of business matters. Our lawyers safeguard business innovations through patent procurement, offer advice to companies and assist in forming meaningful intellectual property portfolios of national scope.

Does your company need legal assistance regarding business and intellectual property law? Our lawyers can help! Contact a business attorney in your area today for more information. 

Did you know? 

In addition to the many legal aspects surrounding a business, a vital component of maintaining your company’s competitive edge in an innovation-driven economy is protecting the rare creations and ideas that fuel your business.

If you need legal help for your Business, please consult with a local professional Business Attorney to discuss your case.

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