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When couples determine to dissolve their marital union, the relationship between the couple has probably been damaged considerably.

Child Custody Attorneys
Determining the type of custody that will be granted and with whom the child will reside are critical decisions.

Child Support Attorneys
When parents separate or divorce, it is imperative that both parents continue to provide for the financial needs of their children.

Mediation Attorneys
Circumstances often arise in which couples require the assistance of a neutral third party to reach a resolution to emotionally volatile issues.

Alimony Attorneys
Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is designed to prevent one spouse from experiencing a decreased standard of living after divorce.

Visitation Rights Attorneys
Visitation is the legal term used to describe the rights that a non-custodial parent has to spend time with their children.

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While adoption is a relatively simple process, it can oftentimes become complicated because of emotional ties and personal desires.

Family Law: Child Support Attorneys

Child Support Attorney

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Parents have both a right and an obligation to support their children physically, financially, and emotionally. A parent's financial support ensures a child's housing, food, clothing, education, and medical needs will be adequately and satisfactorily met. When parents separate or divorce, it is imperative that both parents continue to provide for the financial needs of their children. Child support is designed to ensure this occurs. The amount of child support to be paid may be determined by the parents, but in many cases it will be determined by the courts. This is because it is often difficult for separated or divorced spouses to reach an agreement in regard to child support payments. Child support can be a very contentious issue and one that is not easily resolved. Therefore, having the legal advice and guidance of child support attorneys throughout this process can be invaluable.

Are considering filing for Child Support? Contact an Child Support Attorney Today ! Get professional help, consult with a local experienced Child Support Lawyer to discuss your case. The sooner, the better.

Calculating Child Support

Generally, the non-custodial parent will be directed to pay the custodial parent a certain amount of child support. The amount of child support paid to the custodial parent should cover a proportionate amount of the child's daily needs. A variety of factors may be used to calculate child support, and some of these factors include:

  • Income of both parents
  • Assets of both parents
  • Medical costs or insurance expenses
  • Daycare
  • Age of the children
  • Amount of time the children spend with each parent

The amount of child support awarded will significantly impact both parents. A child support law firm that help either the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent ensure that the amount of child support awarded is fair and reasonable.

Modifying a Child Support Order

Even though a child support order has finalzied by the courts, there are circumstances in which the order of support may be modified. Parents should be aware that child support orders may be modified for the following reasons:

  • A parent loses his or her job
  • A parent experiences a decrease in his or her income
  • A parent's income increases
  • Living expenses change in either the custodial or non-custodial parent's household.

Parents that desire to have a child support order modified will benefit from the assistance of skilled child support lawyers. Child support lawyers will make the parent's and children's best interests their top priority.

Child Support Attorneys are Here for You

When you are battling your spouse in regard to child support, it may appear that this financial issue may never be resolved. However, with the help of capable and talented attorneys with reputable child support law firms, child support does not have to be a never-ending battle. A child support lawyer can use either negotiation or litigation tactics to reach a satisfactory conclusion to your child support case. If you and your spouse are willing to work together to reach a mutually agreeable settlement, a child support attorney can act as a mediator between you and your spouse. Whatever route needs to be taken to reach a final resolution, you can be assured that your child support attorney will be with you every step of the way. Call a child support law firm today for a consultation.

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