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Abnormalities of structure, function, or body metabolism that are present at birth.

Cerebral Palsy
A neurological disorder that negatively impacts muscle movement and coordination.

Erbs Palsy
Erb's palsy is a type of birth injury that results when nerves surrounding the shoulder are damaged or injured.

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Because proper and timely treatment often makes the difference between life and death, many misdiagnosis victims suffer and die needlessly.

An overdose occurs when an individual takes or receives more than the medically recommended dosage of a particular drug.

Medical Negligence
Medical negligence, also commonly referred to as medical malpractice, arises when a licensed healthcare provider fails to provide proper and timely care to a patient resulting in patient injury or death.

Medical Malpractice: Erbs Palsy

Erbs Palsy Overview

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Erbs Palsy Attorneys

Erb's palsy is a type of birth injury that results when nerves surrounding the shoulder are damaged or injured. Unlike cerebral palsy which is caused by a brain injury or abnormality, Erb's palsy is caused by soft tissue damage to the brachial plexus. Individuals with Erb's palsy will experience weakness or paralysis to varying degrees in the affected arm. When the nerves in the shoulder are injured during labor and delivery, these nerves may become stretched or torn. In more severe instances, the nerves may be completely torn from the spinal cord. In most cases, stretched and torn nerves will heal on their own. However, the extent of the damage resulting from this injury may not be known for months. Because scar tissue can form around healthy nerves, the individuals may suffer some degree of impairment. In rare cases, brachial plexus injuires will result in permanent damage or paralysis.

If one of your babies has Erbs Palsy, Contact a Erbs Palsy Attorney Today ! Get professional help, consult with a local experienced Erbs Palsy Lawyer to discuss your case. The sooner, the better.

There are several circumstances in which a brachial plexus injury may occur. Erb's palsy is a common injury when a mother experiences a difficult labor and delivery. The brachial plexus, the nerves that are responsible for both sensitivity and motion in the arm, hand, and fingers, may become injured when the baby's neck and head are drawn to the side during delivery. When the head is drawn to the side, a significant amount of force is applied to the baby's neck, often resulting in injury. Shoulder dystocia is another cause of Erb's palsy. This occurs when a baby's shoulder becomes lodged under the mother's pelvic bones. Breech birth can also result in injury to the brachial plexus due to increased pressure on the arms. Erb's palsy attorneys can help parents determine if their child's injury could have been avoided.

A doctor's negligence or error can sometimes be cited as the proximate cause of a child's birth injury. When this occurs, the healthcare provider can be held liable for damages. When a child's birth injury, such as Erb's palsy, results from medical negligence or error, the child may be entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries. This is especially true if the injuries sustained by the child are permanent, debilitating injuries. An Erb's palsy lawyer can help parents pursue those healthcare providers responsible for their child's injury and make certain those parties are held responsible for their actions. Monetary damages may be awarded for things such as medical expenses and emotional or physical anguish. This financial compensation can helps parents pay for the medical services their child needs both now and in the future.

Parents whose children are living with Erb's palsy need the assistance of a law firm experienced in birth injury cases. Reputable birth injury law firms will be able to provide parents with expert legal guidance and advice. Erb's palsy attorneys employed by these law firms will have the skills and know-how that parent need to ensure their children are well compensated. Neither the child nor his or her parents should have to suffer needlessly because of the negligence or error of a professional healthcare provider. An Erb's palsy lawyer will aggressively endeavor to hold responsible all parties liable for the child's birth injury.

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