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Automobile Accident
Aggressive driving and road rage is a large area of auto crash cause.

Slip and Fall
If you have fallen, slipped or tripped in any type of public or commercial place it is very important to file an injury or accident report.

Motorcycle Accident
Motorcyclists involved in accidents that are the result of another party's negligence may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

Wrongful Death
A Wrongful Death occurs when an individual dies as the result of another party's negligent or unjust acts.

Brain Damage
The leading causes of a traumatic brain injury include falls, automobile accidents, strikes to the head by or against objects, and violence.

Truck Accidents
Almost four truck accidents happen every hour where someone is hurt or killed.

Train Accidents
If you were in a train and injured on a crossing crash, the accident may be the fault of the car or truck crossing the tracks.

Dog Bites / Dog Attacks
A bite is generally defined as “seiz[ing] with the teeth so that they enter, grip or wound.” In most dog bite cases, a puncture or tearing of the skin is not required.

Plane Accidents
While only the most disastrous of plane accidents are usually reported, airplane accidents actually occur on a daily basis.

Catastrophic Injuries
Those injuries that have a devastating impact on the life of the victim and his or her family.

Boat & Cruise Ship Accidents
When a person on board a boat dies or sustains an injury that requires medical attention; when a person on a ship or boat disappears and injury or death is suspected; or when a boat or ship causes or sustains damage.

Burn Accident
Occur when heat, electricity, chemicals, or radiation damage the body's tissues.

Amputation Injuries
The accidental severing of a limb or other appendage from the body, either wholly or partially.

Defective Products
An item that causes injury or damage to an individual due to an inherent flaw or weakness in the product.

Personal Injury: Boat and Cruise Ship Accidents

Boat Accident Lawyer

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The United States Coast Guard defines boat and cruise ships accidents as one of the following events: when a person on board a boat dies or sustains an injury that requires medical attention; when a person on a ship or boat disappears and injury or death is suspected; or when a boat or ship causes or sustains damage. Each year, millions of people choose to sail on cruise ships or enjoy an outing on a personal watercraft such as boat or jet ski. While boats and cruise ships appear to be safe modes of transportation and forms of recreation, these vessels do present potential hazards. Thousands of people are injured in boat and cruise ship accidents each year, and in some cases these injuries are fatal. Victims of boat or cruise ship accidents will need legal representation. Those injured in these types of accidents should contact a boat and cruise ship accidents attorney for assistance.

If you or a loved one has suffered a Boat or Cruise Ship injury, Contact a Boat Accident Lawyer Today ! Get professional help, consult with a local experienced Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer to discuss your case. The sooner, the better.

The most common reasons cited for boating accidents include: reckless or careless operation of the boat or personal water craft, excessive speed, operator inattention, hazardous water, inexperienced operators, passenger behavior, and failure to have a proper lookout. In many cases, alcohol is an aggravating factor. By law, boating operators are responsible for showing care and concern for others on the waters such as other boats and their passengers as well as swimmers. Boat operators have a responsibility to ensure that others are not injured or killed due to their irresponsible, careless, or reckless actions. When individuals are injured or die as the result of the negligence of a boat operator or owner, the responsible party may be held liable for monetary damages. A boat and cruise ship accidents lawyer can advise accident victims as to how to proceed with their personal injury lawsuit.

The most common cruise ship accident is a slip and fall accidents. These accidents typically occur on the exterior deck, but they can occur anywhere in the ship including by the buffet, the pool, and in dining rooms. Slip and fall accidents often result in injuries such as broken bones, spine and neck injuries, or head injuries. Fractured hips and broken kneecaps are typical slip and fall injuries. Other types of accidents that occur on cruise ships include things such as: swimming pool accidents, sexual or physical assault, contaminated food, and medical negligence. Victims of cruise ship accidents may be entitled to financial remuneration by those responsible for their injuries. Contacting a boat and cruise ship accidents attorney as soon as possible will be beneficial to the victim's case.

Maritime laws can be complex, and for this reason accident victims need to contact a law firm specializing in boat and cruise ship accidents. Victims need to seek the guidance of a boat and cruise ship accidents attorney within the prescribed statute of limitations in order to file a personal injury lawsuit. An attorney can provide expert legal counsel throughout all proceedings and ensure the victim's rights and best interests are protected. Boat or cruise ship accident victims should be represented by a law firm with the experience and skills required to obtain the compensation they deserve.

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