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Read the latest Workers' compensation topics below that may affect you. A local Workers' Compensation from our site search is ready to help. Get solutions today from our Workers' Compensation search!

Federal Workers Compensation
Federal workers compensation is designed to provide benefits to federal employees that are injured or become ill while on the job or performing job related duties.

Workplace Injuries
Victims of workplace accidents may suffer injuries so severe they are unable to return to work.

Denied Workers Compensation Claims
There are many instances in which an injured individual's workers compensation claim is denied.

Workers Disease
When an occupational disease results in an individual's inability to perform necessary job-related tasks, it may be time to contact a workers disease attorney.

Construction Site Injury
Injured construction site workers should be aware that other parties may be held responsible for their injury in addition to their employer.

Loss of Wages
When an occupational injury or illness precludes an individual from fulfilling their normal work schedule and job requirements, the individual will likely experience a substantial decrease in income.

Workers' Compensation Law

Workers' Compensation Overview

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Federal and State Workers Compensation Law also known as workers' comp, workman's comp or workmen's compensation was created to protect and ensure the working employees who get injured on the job to get compensated. Workers' Compensation is insurance that the employer is required to have in case an employee gets injured on the job, becomes ill due to circumstances caused from work environment, even death or temporarily disabled or permanently disabled. In every state, employers that have 4 or more part time or full time employees must have workers compensation insurance it is required by the law.

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Federal Workers Compensation

The Federal Workers Compensation Act provides employment workers compensation for federal employees, and non – military. The Federal Workers Compensation Law is very similar to Workers Compensation Law. Federal Workers Compensation Act covers medical expenses regards to disability, permanent physical injuries, are very limited to disability or death.

Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury is an injury that was caused due to the unhealthy and unsafe environment on the work site, such as dangerous equipment that is defective or hazardous chemicals.

Denied Workers Compensation Claims

When your Workers' Compensation Claim is denied, usually it is because you hired a lawyer that was not dedicated and did not follow up on your case. Usually, when your claim is denied you should receive a letter by mail, you can reply to that letter, but it's preferable to hire a good qualified attorney.

Workers Disease

Workers' Disease is when you are working in an environment where it can be critically injured. Workers' Disease is caused by mold, moldy wood, wood containing spores, hazardous chemicals.

Trending Workers' Compensation Regions
Top Trending Workers' Compensation States:
New York
North Carolina
New Jersey

Top Trending Workers' Compensation Cities
New York
Los Angeles
San Antonio
San Diego
San Jose

Construction Site Injury

Construction site accidents injure and kill hundreds of people each year. It is one of the most dangerous jobs to have. What causes most of these accidents are the following: falling down at work, falling from stage/roof, being hit by a moving machinery (forklift, bobcat, heavy duty machinery), asbestos and hazardous chemicals, and injuries caused by defective or unreasonably unsafe equipment, and lifting heavy objects.

Loss of Wages

Loss of wages is when a worker gets injured during work and does not get compensation or any type of income during the time he or she is not able to work due to work area injury. The employer is liable to pay up to 45 days after being out of work after the work accident.

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